Пример #288. ЕГЭ 2019. Английский язык. Чтение

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Прочитайте текст и заполните пропуски A–F частями предложений, обозначенными цифрами 1–7. Одна из частей в списке 1–7 лишняя. Занесите цифры, обозначающие соответствующие части предложений, в таблицу.

Living in the moment makes people happier

Psychologists have found that people are distracted from the task they are performing nearly half of the time, and this daydreaming consistently makes them less happy. But the study also found A____________ than what they are actually doing. Many philosophical and religious traditions highlight the benefits of living for the moment, B_________________. Psychologists at Harvard University collected information on the daily activities, thoughts and feelings of 2,250 volunteers to find out how often they were focused on what they were doing, and what made them most happy. They found that people were happiest C________________, and least happy when working, resting or using a home computer. They also found that subjects’ minds were wandering nearly half of the time D______________. The researchers concluded that thinking ahead and daydreaming make people more miserable, even E___________________. Even the most interesting tasks did not keep people’s full attention. Participants in the study said they were thinking about something else at least 30% of the time while performing different tasks. “Human beings have a unique ability to focus on things that aren’t happening right now. That F________________; to think about and plan for the future as well. It also allows them to imagine things that might never happen,” said Matthew Killingsworth, the lead researcher. “At the same time, it seems that human beings often use this ability in ways that are not productive, and it can also make us unhappy,” he added.

1. and that this consistently made them less happy

2. allows them to reflect on the past and learn from it

3. even when they were being tested and corrected

4. that people spend nearly half their time thinking about something other

5. when they are thinking about something pleasant

6. but until now there has not been much scientific evidence to support this

7. when exercising or in conversation

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