Пример #232. ЕГЭ 2019. Английский язык. Чтение

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Установите соответствие между текстами A G и заголовками 1 8. Занесите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую цифру только один раз. В задании один заголовок лишний.


Staying inside for fun


A book versus the Net


Reflect on your morning


Sharing lunch and work


Time for planning


Time for physical activity


Spend time outdoors


Do the things you enjoy


One of the best things to do during lunch break is to exercise. It still may sound a bit strange, but experts say that combining fitness and lunch is one of the best ways to incorporate exercise into a busy lifestyle. Who said that exercise is only for losing weight? Start exercising during your lunch hour and you will feel better and full of energy to accomplish your difficult tasks. Even if it’s just going for a walk or doing a few sit-ups, your body will thank you!



During your lunch break you may do lots of things. You might think that reading a book isn’t a healthy thing to do during your lunch break, but it’s much better than surfing the Internet. Unlike the Net, it does not only keep our mind active, but it also improves speaking, writing, and reading skills. If we had a hard day at work, reading a book without looking at the screen will help keep our mind distracted from problems.



Many people don’t leave their workplaces during a lunch break, but it’s a huge mistake. Your lunch break should be a sacred time. A time when you can step away from your computer. No matter whether you like or hate your job, leave the building and sit on a nearby bench. You can also take a short walk. You will feel much better when you are back from a lunch break and you will have more energy and motivation to accomplish your tasks.



Managing school and work is never an easy task. It might seem impossible to balance all of these responsibilities, but it can be done nevertheless. If you have plenty of tasks, you can spend 15-20 minutes of your lunch hour working on them and have more free time in the evening. Just make sure you don’t spend the whole lunch hour doing your lessons, because having a healthy snack and doing some exercises are still essential.



Having busy days we hope to manage time somehow and complete all the things we need to do. A lunch hour is a great time to plan your weekly meals and food shopping lists, because planning is good for your wallet and your health as well. You can also plan your lunch meals to avoid eating unhealthy food. Your lunch hour is also a wonderful time to plan your everyday jobs and social calendar and you can do it sitting on a nearby bench.



Lunch break is such a period in your life which we can name ‘eternal’. Use your lunch break for something you like most of all, such as going shopping, seeing your friends, or visiting the park or some other lovely spots. Just make sure that you meet positive people during your lunch hour and it will improve your mood and refresh you till the rest of the day. You’ll go back to the office with absolutely different mindset and you’ll work much better.



A lunch break is the perfect time to evaluate what you have done before noon. Try to self-reflect on tasks you’ve accomplished and this will help you feel proud of yourself. Notice what needs to be done, and concentrate on those things. If you haven’t accomplished some tasks, don’t worry, you’ll have enough time to accomplish them after your lunch break just keep a positive attitude since stress doesn’t solve anything.


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