Пример #171. ЕГЭ 2019. Английский язык. Чтение

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1. New Orleans is a typical American city.



2. Jackson Square offers different kinds of entertainment.



3. Visitors to the City Park can play sports there.

As an American city New Orleans is unusual. It’s a city whose business is above all pleasure. It was founded around 1718 by the French. The French Quarter was the original city of New Orleans. The beautiful homes of the Quarter – with their courtyards and patios, their high ceilings and large windows – were designed for comfort in a hot climate. Jackson Square is the heart of the Quarter. The square is alive with artists, mimes and musicians. The Louisiana State Museum is in four different buildings, three of which are in Jackson Square. Mardi Grass is the city’s most famous festival. There are many parades, and even spectators are dressed in colourful costumes. The City Park is one of the five largest city parks in the USA, bigger than New York City’s Central Park. It boasts a botanical garden, golf courses, tennis courts, 800-year old trees and a miniature train. New Orleans is a city where jazz and the blues really got started. You’ll find many jazz clubs in New Orleans, for example, in the French Quarter. When you get hungry, you can treat yourself to local specialties, like alligator soup and crawfish pie.


4. The main places of interest in Portland are situated in different parts of the city.



5. Portlandia is the country’s largest copper statue.



6. Informal lectures on animals are given to animal lovers at the Washington Park Zoo.

There is plenty to see in Portland, Oregon. All the major sights are grouped downtown. Portland’s downtown area is centered on the mall, which is closed to all traffic except city buses. Here you can see the unusual Portland Building, a post-modern collage of pink, blue and yellow concrete and tile. Fans of this building find it very original. Near the Portland Building there is Portlandia, the nation’s largest copper sculpture after the Statue of Liberty. From April until Christmas the Saturday Market takes place in downtown Portland. The area is filled with street musicians, artists and crafts people. Less than two miles west of downtown is Washington Park. The Washington Park Zoo is Portland’s pet. The zoo also features a number of interesting “animal talks” at various times on weekends and has a pet-the-animals children’s zoo. The city is famous for the Rose Festival in June. It attracts crowds of visitors. The Rose Queen is crowned with sapphires, zircons and rubies.







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